Effect of slot on patch antenna

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A patch antenna is literally a patch of metal or other conductor on a flat surface. There may or may not be a ground plane on the other side of the substrate. The directionality, gain, polarization, and impedance are a function of the size and shape, and placement of the feed line. Most GPSs use a patch antenna.

Dec 23, 2013 ... This article presents a comparative study on the effects of different slot shapes on the size reduction of a microstrip patch antenna. The antenna ... Analysis of broad band U‐slot microstrip patch antenna - Ansari - 2008 ... Feb 20, 2008 ... A broad band U‐slot microstrip patch antenna on a single layer foam ... The effects of substrate height and feed position are also analyzed to ... Effect of Capacitive loading on slot loaded Dual Band Microstrip antenna Abstract- A novel technique for obtaining a single-layer single-feed dual-band microstrip antenna loaded with narrow slots having capacitive loading has been  ... A Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antenna With Loop Slots on the ...

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The realized bandwidth in the proposed configuration is more than the bandwidth obtained in equivalent rectangular patch antenna with U-slot or pair of rectangular slot i.e. E-shaped patch antenna. The proposed configuration gives broadside radiation pattern over the bandwidth with a peak broadside gain of more than 8 dBi. Microstrip Patch Antennas - University of Texas at El Paso Microstrip Patch Antennas Slide 19 The transmission-line model represents the microstrip antenna by two slots, separated by a low-impedance transmission line of length L. Looking at a cross section of the antenna (x-y plane), this is effectively a non-homogeneous transmission line. Fringing effects make the microstrip line look wider than it is. A Study on the Effect of a Rectangular Slot on ...

Unslotted patch Slot loaded patch 1 W= 53.25 mm L= 41.5 mm W= 40mm L= 30mm Slot loading makes antenna look electrically larger in length, thus it helps in tuning a lower frequency on much reduced antenna size as compared to the unslotted antenna. thus the effective aperture of the antenna becomes lower due to reduction

US5448250A - Laminar microstrip patch antenna - Google Patents A laminar microstrip patch antenna includes a ground plane dement having opposing first and second faces, a first dielectric planar member adjacent a first face of the ground plane element, a patch radiator on a face of the first … US3665480A - Annular slot antenna with stripline feed - Google A stripline antenna having a radiating aperture in the form of an annular slot provided in one of its conducting plates and a pair of orthogonal narrow strip conductor feeds disposed between its two conducting plates and terminating under …

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Microstrip Patch Antennas for Uwb Applications: A Review Broadening the antenna bandwidth is achieved by using the U-slot technique.The effect of the U-slot inclusion on the performance of a patch antenna operating at the TM 02 mode is studied across the entire achieved bandwidth. The antenna analysis is carried out with the aid of full wave simulation, and an antenna Effect of Reflecting Sheet on the Back of Probe fed Slotted ... The effect of placing a conducting reflecting sheet at the back of ultra wideband slotted hexagonal patch antenna for wireless application is presented here. The UWB slotted hexagonal patch antenna without reflecting sheet at the back showed omni directional radiation pattern and good impedance matching criteria.